Resting, and I don’t mean kicking back, but really trusting and then obeying, resting in Christ is difficult.

The issue of difficulty is that you have to leave the place of control and put Jesus on the throne.

There can’t be two kings, there can only be Jesus.

And the longing for the true king is actually expressed in secular stories across time.

That when the True King takes the throne, all will be made right. True justice will take place.

We see this in Robin Hood when he fights for justice on behalf of the the true king while Richard is away.

We see this in The Lion King, when all the animals of the savannah long for the true king to return justice to the pride lands.

Or in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, the longing for peace to be brought in part by a benevolent king.

Or what about in The Chronicles of Narnia? Aslan who once was king is hoped for to come again to set right what the winter queen had done in harm.

Here is the point, there is a common longing in the human heart reflected in story, to have a King that saves his people and sets right the wrongs.

However Jesus doesn’t rule by force. His kingdom reigns in the human heart and transcends boundaries, languages, and governments.

And in order to be a part of His kingdom, you have to get off the throne of your heart and put King Jesus on the throne.

This is the Biggest Obstacle to Trusting Christ- 

Is getting off your throne.

Thus as I’ve said before, there are plenty of fans of Jesus, but probably far fewer followers.

To that end, if you are still on the throne of your heart, you may not have the relationship with Jesus that you think you do. And that isn’t just bad news for you, its severe news.

Lay down your crown, and let Jesus rule.