Just moments ago I took down our Christmas ornaments, delicately wrapping them, securing each one in the plastic bin that they live in for eleven months of the year. Our collection is primarily made up of two themes: Guitar ornaments and overwhelmingly- Disney ornaments. As I took them down my wife was working in the kitchen and she commented how sad it is that Christmas is over. I have to admit, that as I wrapped up each Mickey Mouse, princess, and many other characters, I too, felt sad. No matter how many times I say it from the pulpit, I have to say it once more, write it once more; we can’t put our hope in created things. Even very good things like holiday celebrations that promise hope, are unable to provide what only rest and peace in Jesus Christ brings. Ironically, it is Jesus that we celebrate at Christmas, yet much of the celebrating does not remind us enough that truly it is that our hope that is to be in Jesus. Not around Jesus, not in part Jesus, but solely in Jesus Christ who is able to save.

If you live in the Maple Park, Hinckley, Sugar Grove, Big Rock area and are looking for a church, I would encourage you to join us one Sunday. We are a church that encourages each other to keep our hope in Jesus. And we would like you to be a part of that too.