Pastor Ray

Pastor Ray came to Grace Fellowship in 2014 after forming a relationship with the church over the previous seven months through pulpit supply. He was drawn to the people of the church, as they were genuinely welcoming and kind. “There is a sense of community and support that occurs at Grace Fellowship that I haven’t quite seen before” says Pastor Ray. He and his wife Nicole joined with what God is doing at Grace Fellowship after eight years of youth ministry at two other churches. The transition for them has been natural as the heart and goal of the ministry is the same- Building lives of faith in Christ.

Pastor Ray has a passion for seeing the people of the church engage in disciple-making relationships and inviting others to follow Jesus together. He also has a strong burden for preaching the bible as God’s word, in a way that seeks to allow God’s truth to be revealed as we earnestly seek Him. He feels this is best done when we learn God’s story the way He laid it out; one book, one story at a time. By approaching God’s story to His people in a way that allows us to understand His truth, he believes that His story will lead us in ours.

Outside the Pulpit

Pastor Ray’s interests include music, gardening, raising chickens and spending time with his growing family! Ray and his wife, Nicole, occasionaly play on the worship team. Nicole is a gifted vocalist while Ray has played drums for 20 years and also enjoys worshipping on the guitar he built. Through his time as a youth pastor and going back a few years before, Pastor Ray worked as guitar tech at music stores in the Chicago area and in Dallas. He still works on the instruments of friends from time to time. Pastor Ray is also actively involved as a volunteer at Crossroads Christian Youth Center in Big Rock, Il. He values their mission and the importance of youth mentorship as it played a major role in his life.